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Transforming movements

to rediscover your life.

It's time to go back to the way things were.


I help you understand and work with

persistent, demoralising and seemingly untreatable movement problems & pain.

We consider the entire kinetic chain, head to toe, the nervous system, and we ask better questions to find better solutions. 

Find what has been missed before, and let's turn frustration into excitement and pain into power.

Watch this webinar for an
introduction to my work

Let's talk! Schedule a free call and let's figure this out together!

Personalised, detailed & convenient
via online sessions


175€ (90 min)

Follow ups:

75€ (1 hour)

"Hang on... How can you get rid of my problem on Zoom?"

It's your body, your movement and your problem. In my opinion, no one should be reliant on any practitioner.

I've been there when I lived with chronic pain...Until I learned that it's me who has to, and can create the change that I wanted and needed.

I have taught hundreds of people this knowledge to help them understand their body and to restore balance through movement.

You are in charge and I help you to become the expert of your body.

Moving you out of pain.

What is doing too much? What is doing too little?

What is your brain trying to achieve and how does pain play into that?

We use tailored movement to re-educate your nervous system and restore movement options. Resulting in freedom and better movement - with more ease and less pain. 

Teaching you how to be your body's owner.

My goal is to provide you with a new way of thinking and the tools that you need to read, understand and work with your own body. Something you will have a for a life-time.
The tools that helped me end my own cycle of chronic pain.

Get a glimpse of my work...


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thinking, exercises & case studies

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Whether you have a booking request or a general enquiry - get in touch. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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