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Finding the true cause of pain and movement restrictions

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For those who feel frustrated and stuck with their pain.
For those who want to truly understand their problems.
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Moving you out of pain...
...teaching you how to be your own detective.

What is doing too much? What is doing too little?

What is your brain trying to achieve and how does pain play into that?

If we want to understand your pain we need to understand your body's strategies to live, move and cope. Instead of "fixing" it, we start a conversation with it.

We then use tailored movement to offer alternatives, re-educating your nervous system on what is not only safe - but also more efficient. Resulting in more freedom, better movement - with more ease and less pain. 

I am Dominik Koch. I don't want to fix you - I want to educate you.

My goal is to provide you with a way of thinking and the tools you need to read, understand and work with your own body. Something you will have a for a life-time.

The tools that helped me end my own cycle of chronic pain.

I am going to navigate you to the areas that your body has been avoiding, leading to overuse, disuse, and misuse across the system. These are the parts that have been overlooked and the reason why you have only been chasing your problems.

Together we will find the missing links that set your body free, allowing you to return to the things you love.

Watch this free webinar for an

introduction to my work

Solve long-standing and recurring pain

Address the cause, not the symptoms to find true long-term relief

3D Movement therapy to re-educate your brain and re-balance the whole system (Anatomy in Motion)

Get to know your body - be involved in the process!

Individual in-depth assessment

Personal and on-going support. Our relationship does not end after the session

Go away with a deep understanding of your problem and a tailored plan of action


£150 (90 min)

Follow ups:

£60 (1 hour)

Discounted blocks available

Note that I am only accepting new online clients at the moment. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss how this could work for you.



What clients say...

"From my first session with Dom I knew that I would be discovering things about my body and my movement issues that would be truly life changing.


The care, attention to detail and incredible knowledge that Dom brought to our sessions was amazing - and eye opening."

Get a glimpse of my work...


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Whether you have a booking request or a general enquiry - get in touch. I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

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United Kingdom

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