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Our body moves as one integrated system.

All our joints, tissues and muscles make up a team - but what if a player is no longer contributing, e.g. due to an injury?

...Someone else has to pick up their work in order to keep the system working.

Thanks to Gary Ward's Flow Motion Model (Anatomy in Motion), we know what each joint does in relation to one another. It allows us to understand why you experience pain or recurring injuries in certain areas of your body, and why others can't move the way you would like them to.


For example, we know that if your foots 33 joints do not move as a team, your knee, hip, spine, neck and shoulder will struggle to access their full potential of movement.

This extremely detailed map of the body is the key to restoring balance from head to toe.

pain relief

Our body's priority is safety.

In times of injury or trauma, our body finds a way to accommodate/work around that problem.

For example, we limp after an ankle sprain. This ability to adapt helps us to keep moving and - from our brain's perspective - to stay alive.


But what if that movement strategy becomes the first choice because our body no longer wants to take the risk of re-injuring that structure and reduces movement and load that go through it?

Consequently, our adaptation to move 'around the problem' may become permanent. The same is true for any habitual movement.

Changing the perspective on pain and limitations

Considering the above, we should suddenly realise that the conditions that cause our pain serve a purpose. If we want to solve it, we need to understand it first - we have to understand that there is an opportunity behind every issue.


Too many times we go the other way and want to force it away.  The results are never sustainable. This is when we try to stretch it away, strengthen areas of the body or have to get a regular massage without any long-term change.

But if we are willing to go on a journey of unravelling - willing to understand first - then we can offer a solution that makes sense to your brain.

Who is it for?

  • Persistent/chronic pain

(back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist, migraines etc.)

  • Recurring injuries

(why do they keep coming back?)

  • Athletes who want to move better, faster and stronger​

  • Anyone who wants to take ownership of their body

Restoring balance to unleash potential and to allow healing

Together we will find and add those missing links.

We help your brain understand that this specific joint's movement is safe and in fact beneficial as it helps set the entire body free.


These are areas that have been overlooked or untreated in the past, but they are the ones that make the difference: 

The restored harmony allows your body to move better than ever before. You set the environment in your system that allows healing and to be pain-free.

If you engage in sports you will find that your performance skyrockets.

Wouldn't you like to re-gain access to more of your anatomy?

If you've tried everything, this is for you.
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