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I'm not interested in fixing you, I'm interested in giving you a mindset and a toolbox that allows you to approach any problem in your body, on your own.

I have a history. A history of chronic neck and shoulder pain. I was used to waking up in pain and going to bed in pain.

Without finding relief from of others, I had pretty much given up. 


When I was at my worst, I woke up unable to feel and move my left arm... Here I was again, looking for help from others that kept giving me the same stretches, the same massages and the same useless advice about posture.

That's when I decided to figure this out on my own. I had no other choice...I went on a journey to learn. Learning to read, to listen to, and to understand my own body. To connect with it and to experience it, its movement and why my neck had been bad for so many years.


Eventually, I began to understand that the answer to my neck and shoulder problems was in my left foot...This may sound crazy, but if the foundation is not right, the building on top will be wonky, right?

When I came across Gary Ward's book  "What the foot" I was finally able to piece everything that I had learned before into one global picture. My attempts to find new movement in my left foot and leg is what solved neck pain that had been there for most of my life.

I will be forever grateful for his work and for giving me back a life without pain.

I was able to get out of my downward spiral of pain and I realised that no one has to feel the way they do. I started giving out advice to other people around me. When they saw great changes, I decided that that's what I want to do and eventually I quit my job as data analyst and qualified as a trainer and movement coach.

With my work I am now able to help people help themselves. Rather than data, I now 'analyse' bodies. I help people 'decyrpt' the message that their body is sending them.

I don't want to fix people. I cannot fix people, no one can fix anyone other than themselves. That is the lesson that I learned and the lesson that I want to teach.

I want to teach each person that I meet that they have what ​it takes and that they can do this on their own, with my assistance by their side - something that I never experienced when I was in their shoes. 

Dominik Koch

The answer is in you. The reason why nothing has worked so far is because no one has been able to look for it, and to find it.

On our journey we go deep into your past and present life and how it affects your body. We go through a process of unravelling to find what your body is craving.

Gary Ward's Anatomy in Motion (AiM) Flow Motion Model gives us the map to find it. We evaluate your life, your habits, your beliefs and your experiences.

All with one goal in mind: Finding the missing link that allows you to restore flow and harmony across your whole system.

Gentle movement explorations, reflections and habit changes bring back and integrate these lost pieces of the puzzle and set the body free.

As a result, we give the body the right environment to do any healing that may be necessary.

My goal is to empower people. I was about to give up on my body, accept the pain and stop doing what I loved. I'm glad I didn't.

I invite you to think again and to get in touch. 

Dominik Koch, L4 Specialist PT, FRCms, AiM

You can listen to my story on the WeMove podcast:

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