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"Tell me and I forget,

teach me and I may remember,

involve me and I understand..."


You have probably tried stretching, massaging or getting regular adjustments. We do things differently here...

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1. In-depth analysis of your history and lifestyle

We take everything into account. From that fall on your head as a child to broken bones. You might be surprised how a sprained ankle when you were young might impact your shoulder pain now...

2. Full body analysis, including gait analysis

Where does your body 'like' to be? Which joint motions does it prefer over others, which does it struggle to access? Which ones does it seem to avoid?

Which phase of gait don't you access very well?

What does all of this mean for muscle load or joint compression? How does this relate to your pain or limitations?


3. Exploring your anatomy

The process of unravelling begins. Gentle, slow-paced movements to invite your body to find those missing joint motions - remember, thanks to Anatomy in Motion's Flow Motion Model we know how a toe that is stuck relates to the knee, hip, back, neck, shoulders and elbows. If we are on the right track, you will feel the difference right away.

5. Follow ups

In order to remove layers of compensations I suggest regular follow ups. Each one is more detailed, more focussed and more integrated than the previous one.

Everything we do evolves around you and your body - you will never be given a generic set of exercises. The goal is to get to the deepest level of understanding and integration.

How many follow ups is up to you and largely depends on your goals as well as your progress at home.

4. Summary & Homework

You will receive a comprehensive summary of our findings. I want you to absorb what you experienced in the session and begin to ask your own questions.

I will provide you with personalised video homework to start your journey.


Initial consultation 90 min:            175€

Individual follow up 1h:    75€

Discounts on blocks of follow ups.



This is your journey - you will be actively involved in everything we do.

I cannot 'fix' you - You will experience that your body and your efforts are what create change.

I want to empower you to keep asking new questions and to learn how to find the answers yourself.


Everything we do is about learning. You are going to learn new things about your body and yourself.

Importantly, your brain is going to learn about choices. Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to adapt and learn, however can only happen when we are present in the moment and are actively engaged in the process.


You are required to do regular movement homework.

I will provide you with personal video homework just for you - without changing ourselves, we cannot change.


On my own journey of unravelling my problems, I often felt lost and left alone by the practitioners that I saw.

It is my ambition that I provide you with a supportive environment that goes beyond our sessions. My support to you is on-going if you like, and likewise I hope for regular updates on your progress.


Our body, its movement and our brain's perception are based on every past experience in our life. Though we get incredibly fast results in some cases, we have to respect what has shaped us in the past and give ourselves time.


I want to give you a new way of thinking and tools to help yourself. I want you to understand yourself at the deepest level possible so that you can continue this journey on your own.

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