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Spots limited to 10 people to make sure you get lots of individual attention. Be quick to book!


Gym 1971 SW - CrossFit 1971 South Wimbledon


Sunday, 29/09/2019

2-5pm (3 hours)


Gym 1971 Members - £50

Non-Members - £60

Are you working through pain? Struggling with mobility and flexibility? This workshop will show you why your current approach may not get you anywhere.

Learn about movement strategies, the nervous system's role in your mobility and how you can expand your brain's awareness of new, better movement options. 

Nothing works in isolation - Biomechanics geek and movement therapist Dominik Koch (@decryptbodywork) will show you why a shoulder issue or restriction is rarely a shoulder problem, why foam rolling and stretching don't give you the gains that you want, and how you can set the body free by understanding where you're coming from and how this shapes your movement strategies, affecting your form, performance, recovery and pain.

If you want to learn about yourself, your body and if you want to add a new perspective to your toolbox, this one is for you!


  • You will assess yourself in a way that may be new to you. A way that is challenging but a way that is eye opening. You will be able to use this information and apply it to your gym movements.

  • Extend your comfort zones by exploring you dark zones - "We only do what we know. " This applies to our movement, too. Introduce your brain to joint motions that you may have lost along the way, allowing it to learn where a more optimal 'centre' might be.

  • Do you have control over your joints and the necessary strength to move safely and with good form at the gym? Learn how to build strength into joint ranges to move stronger and with reduced risk of injury. 

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About Dominik

Dominik Koch is a movement coach who founded Decrypt Bodywork to help people solve seemingly unsolvable pain and to unlock hidden potential in performance. Making the unreadable readable forms the core of his work, allowing his clients to discover and respond to restrictions by giving the body what it really wants.

As a CrossFitter himself, he understands the sport's demands on the body. His eye for detail allows his clients to not only overcome recurring pain and limitations, but importantly to access strength that is already inside them, simply by showing the body how a change of mechanics leads to more efficiency, strength and power.

Dominik’s journey into the world of questioning the body and movement began when he was unable to find help with chronic pain and a long list of recurring shoulder injuries. Along the way to restoring his own health and of those around him, he learned that where we feel and where we have to resolve a problem are rarely in the same place.

In his approach to freeing up movement, he takes a step back from the area of complaint and shines a light on the rest of the system, always asking WHY the body may want to put the brakes on.

Dominik blends the best of Anatomy in Motion, somatic movement explorations and Functional Range Conditioning.

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Should I come to the workshop instead of getting a one-on-one consultation?

A workshop does not and cannot replace an individual assessment. The intention of the day is to open your mind with regards to how you approach your movement and mobility.

As you will learn on the day, we all have our own unique history and lifestyle and how our bodies deal with these. This cannot be addressed in a group setting. Rather than a blanket solution (which does not exist), you will hopefully leave with a new view on yourself and why your attempts to better movement or to solve an issue may have failed. There will of course be a set of fundamental exercises that you can incorporate into your routine!

What’s different to other seminars or workshops?

Dominik’s primary goal is to re-educate the nervous system about more efficient, stronger and pain-free movement. He involves body and brain to the same extent, as he believes that the two are inseparable if we want lasting change. His slow-paced and exploratory way of moving the body emphasises the fact that the body wants to be safe and only then grants access to strength and flexibility. You will learn about the science and your brain’s rationale behind how you can move, how old injuries probably still live in your body and why big, sexy and “no pain no gain” has no place when we want to improve movement.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in learning about their body, flexibility, mobility and their hidden potential. You do not have to be in pain and even if you think your movement is on point, you will be guaranteed to learn about yourself and you will be given tools to improve your game.

From beginner to advanced, everyone will get something out of it.

I do yoga and am quite flexible. Is there any point in coming?

Definitely! Yoga is great, but it may not necessarily address your body’s “stuff” that it is really moving around. You will also learn how you can transform the flexibility that you’ve gained through yoga into mobility that transfers to stronger positions and lifts. Win!

Do I need to bring anything?

Most importantly: An open mind. The workshop will challenge your beliefs around movement and yourself. Growth and learning can happen when we are willing to question our approach and ourselves, and when we expose ourselves to new experiences. In short: Leave the ego at the door J.

Also, clothes that allow you to move comfortably - and a pen for the self-assessment!

I am currently injured. Should I come?

Yes! Please inform us about any injuries and Dominik will adapt the practical parts for you. Importantly, you will learn a lot about yourself and you may see your injury in a new light. You will be able to take away tools and tips that may speed up your recovery!

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop will last around 3 hours, starting at 2pm. There will be time for questions afterwards.

What’s the cost?

Gym 1971 Members: £50

Non-Members: £60

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